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posted by John & Lisa Anghilante,

Color Edison

When looking for the best option in outdoor lighting, there are a few things to take into consideration. Ease of installation, versatility, and control. Ideally, you want to purchase all the necessary equipment from one manufacturer to ensure that everything works well together. This will eliminate compatibility issues and guarantee everything works together seamlessly. Take Color Edison LED lighting for example. Color Edison is the first Bluetooth enabled wirelessly controlled outdoor lighting system allowing for complete control through your mobile device. With so many different parts involved and the ever increasing integration of technology, it’s always best that the whole system comes from one manufacturer and is tested to work together.

One of the best features of LED lighting is not only the low energy consumption but the low voltage. Lower voltage makes these systems more DIY friendly when installing and removes the need (and expense) for a licensed electrician. All systems come complete with all required components and there is no need to figure out wattage and beam spread because all lights can be customized after installation to fit the need of that area.

What makes LED lighting simplistic, also makes it versatile. The versatility of LED bulbs allows you to change and blend colors how you want and where you want. Let’s say you wanted to emphasize the fall colors of your landscaping. Simply change the settings of the individual light you want, to the color you want. This can be done individually for all your landscaping lights. Here’s the best part, holiday decorating just got infinitely easier. With Color Edison lighting, you can change you landscape lighting to reflect the holiday. Once the holiday is over, change it back to white. You will never have to take down holiday decorations again!

What Color Edison is really known for though, is the controllability. Features are great, but how easy is it to implement them? Color Edison’s lighting system can be completely controlled through smartphone or tablet allowing you to change your outdoor lighting with the simplicity of using any app. All the color changes you want can be scheduled in the app that change based on the conditions you set. Holiday decorations can now be triggered by dates. One less thing on your to do list! For more details, contact someone from the Hearth Shop on how to buy LED outdoor lighting for your home.

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